Raul Reyna is the consummate professional. His experience in law enforcement and investigations gives him the perfect tools to get results for his clients. Raul Reyna is discrete and carefully guards confidences. If he is needed in the courtroom, he communicates well with judges and juries. I enthusiastically recommend Raul Reyna and Gotcha.

- Fernando Mancias Law

Former Clients

“I had suspected my husband was cheating on me. A friend of mine recommended I hire a private detective, a friend of hers. I followed my friend’s advice and my instincts. After Roy (Raul Reyna) took the job, in a week, I had the evidence I needed to confirm my suspicious. My now ex-husband was not only having an affair with a woman he had hired at his job, but had opened a business with that woman. Hiring Roy was the best decision. If it wouldn’t have been for him, I probably would have never found the evidence I needed to move on, and to be at peace with myself. Roy is proactive in his tactics, has the experience and professionalism to act upon the circumstances. I highly recommend him. If you suspect your spouse or significant other is cheating, save yourself countless sleepless nights and hire Roy. Leave everything else in God’s hands.”

- Leslie D’Lorm

“What can I say? The best investment I ever made. Stop wondering. Listen to your gut. If you want to end your relationship or save your relationship, you have to “know” what your dealing with. I trusted and I believed but thanks to Gotcha, I got the facts. Not all investigators are created equal. This is your life. This is your family. Don’t trust it to just anyone. If you care enough to want the facts then get them from someone that knows the job and gets it done. I implore all concerned spouses husbands or wives, do right by your family. You deserve the best and so does your family. Gotcha investigations was sensitive to my situation and got exactly what my attorney needed. I only made one mistake. I waited too long. Pick up the phone and stop wondering.”

- Sylvia S.

Gotcha Investigations efficiently and quickly helped me find the evidence needed to make my case a success. I had hired another Private Investigator for my case and fired him for not obtaining the results I needed. I then hired Mr. Raul Reyna and his team from Gotcha Investigations and they were amazing. Within one week he completed my case with clear and concise video/photos to leave no doubt. Gotcha Investigations is a five star professional company that will find the results you need. Don’t call anyone else!

- Richard